6 SureFire ways to Double your Affiliate Income and Get more Affiliate Sales

Before I say something about affiliate marketing and affiliate income and all, check out the screenshot of Paychecks showing Clickbank affiliate income below

Affiliate MArketing on ClickBank


I don’t want to keep you in dark, So To be honest it’s not my Clickbank affiliate income. But I’m on the way…

This is the affiliate marketing income proof of a Clickbank Affiliate Sean Bagheri from Aversity Blog.

I have attached this image to make you realize that it is possible to Crush your goals with affiliate marketing.

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Okay now let’s start our main topic,

  • Let’s find out the ways how you can also achieve those milestones with your current affiliate marketing strategy.

If you are in affiliate marketing for a while then you will always be in the hunt of finding the ways that can bring you more affiliate sales and that double your affiliate income.

Isn’t it….?

Yes! I felt the same Until I have found the secret sauce of affiliate marketing.

When I have first discovered these ways I have realized that how I was making mistakes to earn more income and what were the points that I need to improve.

Let’s get into it,

6 Ways to Double your Affiliate Income and Get More Affiliate Sales

Here are the 6 ways that can surely bring you more affiliate sales that result in more affiliate income.

Here is the list of actionable steps to double your affiliate income and get more salesClick To Tweet

1۔ Create A Resource Page

The Resource page is a collection of resources, tools and programs that you use in your blogging journey.

The reason for creating this page is, your reader want and love to know that what kind of tools their favourite blogger is using.

Like I’m using Bluehost for my web hosting solution and Getresponse for my email marketing solution hence I have listed these resources on my blogging resource page.

As a blogger, you might be using some paid and free tools to run your blogging business so I suggest that don’t stuff your resource page with affiliate links and paid tools in hope of affiliate commission, rather try to be helpful to your audience.

I mean list all those paid and free tools that you are using for your blogging business.

This will increase the trust of your reader and will surely bring you some or more sales.

Creating such page can also be a source of passive income from affiliate marketing for you.


2۔ High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Let me give you a quick math idea.

Assume that you have a goal to make $1000 extra this month.

So, what would be your best approach?

there are two ways you can sell a product of $10 to 100 people or you can sell a $100 product to 10 people.

You will have to put the same efforts to sell a $100 product or a $10 product.

So, what would be easier?

Definitely, it is far easier to find 10 customers rather than to find 100 customers.

So, the question is how you can find the high commission affiliate programs?

There are hundreds of thousands of programs that will give you whooping commission if you bring any customer to them.

The best way is to head over to Clickbank or Shareasale marketplace.

Because there you can find out hundreds of products to promote and also merchants that are giving 30-50% affiliate commissions to their affiliates.

In fact, Clickbank wins the bait here because on some of the ClickBank Products you can earn up to 75% commission on each sale. 

  • I don’t usually prefer Amazon affiliate program because you will be making highest 8-10% commission on Amazon if you make any sale. So if you have brought a sale of $100 to Amazon then you will earn only $8-10 unlikely on ClickBank you can earn up to $75 on each sale.

No matter what is your blogging niche you can find the products of your choice on ClickBank.

3. Branding Yourself

Affiliate marketing with clickbank

Branding Yourself is the key to success in affiliate marketing. People are likely to listen to you if they can see you as a real person.

Let’s have an example, If I’m suggesting you something to purchase then you’ll be curious to know who am I ? why am I recommending so and so product to you? 

So to answer these questions of your readers you must show up yourself as a brand or as an authority.

To make it easier for you Here are some tips to brand yourself

  1. Have some landmark on the Internet like start a blog or a YouTube channel.
  2. Place an attractive professional looking photo of yourself.
  3. Relate your content with your own life.
  4. Show results
  5. Be consistent and active on Social Media
  6. Solve Problems of your audience
  7. Place your Landmark location everywhere like I put my blog’s link “selfhostedlife.com” on my images or social media profiles
  8. Check out the video for more branding tips
If you follow these branding tips then you will be seen as a real person who as an expert on some area. Click To Tweet

And hence if you have gained the trust of your audience then they will listen to you more carefully and in the result, they will start buying your recommendations too.


4. Building Relationship

This is gonna be the most essential part of your affiliate marketing business. The true relationship with your readers and customers will last for a long time.

If you have an email list then go and find out the problems of your subscribers, ask them about their problems and provide some helpful free solutions in the first.

You may offer some free resources, ebooks or something you own that may add value to your subscriber’s life.

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Another thing is you have to build relations with other affiliate marketers also. treat them as helpful resources not as competitors.

Approach them and ask for help in finding good products and marketing tactics etc.

5. Use Whitespace

If you have a blog as a landmark then don’t let unused space of your blog unused.

Place the relevant links and banners of the offers and products you like to promote through your content.

A study says visual images leave a great impact on the visitor’s mind and appeal them to check out the things as well.

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6. Write Detailed Review or Tutorial

It is often noticed that a well written and problem-solving review article can bring 10-time sales than a fluff sales content.

If you have not written any product review then I highly recommend you to find out the product that you love using and write an in-depth tutorial or review of the product.

You can also tell the story of how so and so product has solved your problem, this will give your readers a great attachment to the product.

Hence they are likely to tend towards the product.

Check out the following review article for some ideas


So, you have some great actionable tips to Double or triple your affiliate income by getting more and more Affiliate sales.

It is the process of choosing the right product and promoting towards the right people.

Trust me if you do affiliate marketing in the way it should be done you will start making 5-6 figures income per year.Click To Tweet

But if you have tried everything to generate sales and making money from affiliate marketing and still the income is not that much you were expecting then I highly recommend you to approach some successful affiliate marketers.

But the crucial thing is they are quite busy with their business and thousands of newbies approach them every day.

So the question is how will you draw their attention?

The best way to approach is to take their affiliate marketing courses or purchase something from them. Don’t worry I’m not saying you to invest thousands of dollars in their courses or on their training. (as I also never do this)

I recommend this Because they have created a blueprint of success from their experience of many years. They also have started their journey with hundreds of brainstorming days and nights and after those sucking days and nights now they are successful.

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No, it’s not that much.

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Affiliate marketing with clickbank

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  2. “It is often noticed that a well written and problem-solving review article can bring 10-time sales than a fluff sales content.”

    This really resonated me, so much of the internet is filled with just fluffy content that provides no real value to anyone! If you’re going to write a blog, write substance!

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips. I really like your well written article because it is genuinely helpful. (so many articles are really just people selling themselves – which is fine, but many of us bloggers need all the help we can get!) I especially like your suggestion for having resource page – great idea! I am signing up for your newsletter!

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