7 Shocking Secrets I Discovered After Starting 5 Blogs and Making Up to $35K

As a blogger, you always feel that Blogging is the total a mystery. Every day you will discover new blogging secrets be it about writing, promoting or be it about making money from blogging.

The best thing about blogging secrets is that these will work seamlessly for every blogger. Because those blogging secrets is actually a blueprint for blogging success.

It isnot about some specific blog niche or types of blogs that make money only, but you can make money from your blog being in any niche.

So, the question is, What does it take to make money?

Well, there is some secrets to make money which you will find out later in this post. Also you can grab a copy of an ebook of “Niche Blogging Profit”.

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So, without further philosophy here I’m introducing my friend Codrut Turcanu.

He is a blogger, email marketing specialist, Affiliate Marketer and copywriter expert.

He has discovered his foolproof 7 secrets of blogging about what makes a good blog and how to find success and make money from your blog. From the title of this post, you’ve got an idea about how successful he is in his blogging journey.

He has summarized his 7 blogging secrets and also a complete blogging blueprint in a form of a book “Niche Blogging Profit” which you can download for around $9.95 from here. But don’t jump over there now as I want you to read out what Codrut is revealing about his book of blogging secrets.

Here Is What These 7 Incredibly Shocking “Blogging Secrets” Will Do for You & Your BlOG

1. It will open your eyes and help you see where and how to improve your blog and (finally) take your blog to the next level.

2. It will help you make more money online while working less (I’m earning a full-time income blogging less than 2 hours/day!)

3. It will help you understand why almost everything you have learned about blogging was wrong just implement my secrets on all your blogs and see your profits skyrocket like never before!

Once you grab this report, you’ll see how “easy” it is to make money online and why you haven’t thought about this yet. However…

But Stop it is not for you if

  • you have already made 35k blogging, then this is not for you because you probably know most of these “secrets” the fact is that 85% of all the bloggers out there are clues about blog monetization!
  • Did you know that AdSense and affiliate programs are not the best ways to make money blogging?
  •  If you think you could make 35k “overnight”, this is not for you because you need to understand that it takes time and “testing” to unlock your full blog profit potential…

With my help, you’re “guaranteed” to succeed when you never give up!

You’ll shortcut your learning curve tremendously and you’ll start making money as soon as you implement my cash-generating “blogging strategies!

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Here’s What You’re Going to Discover Once You Grab “Niche Blogging Profits”

Here Codrut is revealing his complete Table of content (page wise) which you will find in his book to give you a complete vision for your blogging.

  • (page 2) – Secrets of learning faster, better and easier? Discover how to get the most out of this report.
  • (page 4) – Why keyword research is not the best way to select your niche! I reveal 94 “unique” blog NICHES — pick the one that suits you the best!
  • (page 5– You don’t need to be an expert to make money blogging, instead, you’ll learn the “real” key ingredient to blogging for profits!
  • (page 6) – How to become a niche blogging authority — it’s not “IF”, it’s “WHEN”!
  • (page 7) – Kill your fear of success before it kills you! This is the single biggest thing that makes the difference between a successful person and a non-successful one, this is what separates the best from the rest!
  • (page 9) – How I started from ground ZERO, with nothing, yet made a small fortune online blogging!
  • (page 10) – What Michael Jordan can teach us about blogging for profits and making money online!
  • (page 11 & 12) – What Seth Godin can teach YOU about selecting a great domain name for your BLOG — there are three little-known and often neglected ingredients a domain name needs to include for long-term profit windfall.
  • (page 12) – You’ll discover Discover the biggest mistake all bloggers commit when selecting a domain name for their BLOGS! You have to avoid this or you will fail from the start.
  • (page 13) – How a guy sold a blog for $15 million, and WHY this is the highest amount of a WP related blog ever sold!
  • (page 15) – How to learn everything about every topic. 4 little-known and often neglected content idea generating resources.
  • (page 16What you need to include in the first 5 to 15 posts on your BLOG! This is common sense, yet most bloggers neglect it!
  • (page 17) – Why Blogger & WordPress.com are not the best solutions for blogging for profits; most people don’t know this and that’s why they’ve not unlocked their blog full profit potential yet!
  • (page 19) – The biggest secret I discovered about list building via blogs. Why FeedBurner & RSS Is NOT the Best Way to Build Your List!
  • (page 21)- Why blogging for money is NOT about Adsense — read about my “affiliate promo” test who out-earned AdSense with $2,900
  • (page 21 & 22) – The biggest blogging secret I learned about blogging for money and this is why most bloggers fail to make more than $100/month with their blogs, in their first 2-5 years online.

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And other cool things

I discovered about blogging after starting 5 blogs and generating up to $35,000... Click To Tweet

What is the catch?

This groundbreaking report is dedicated to the newbie market though. It was created with the little guy in mind, the blogger who is not making a full-time living online with blogs yet!

Most people ask me why do I give these powerful “blogging” secrets away if they are making me money already?

I give the same answer to all of them: because I want the little guy to have the same chance I had when I started with very little budget blogging back in 2005!

  • I believe in the law of reciprocity I learned that if I give you great information, and over-deliver, you might return to me and buy more stuff from me, as well as refer your friends to my site.

Isn’t this business-wise, or what?

  • If niche saturation rings a bell, read this —

Most “poor-mindset” marketers would think that once people start using these secrets, the niche would get crowded and less money will be made because this stuff won’t work anymore! That’s false!…

First of all, what I’m going to share with you is based on principles and long-term strategies. Principles never change, and strategies rarely.

  • I believe in the law of abundance too; so there’s room for everybody, including you, my 1,000+ clients and 1 million other competitors.

Forget about market saturation, or competition, and start learning the smartest way to blog for profits.

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Wrapping it up

So, in this post, I have aware you one of my favourite blogging resource I found helpful for many bloggers.

Really, Codrut has summarized his complete learning and experience in a book that is worthy of thousands of hours of research and money.

Anyway, I recommend you to grab this book just because learning from experts is the shortcut to success, that’s why we were boarded in schools to learn from experts.

So if you want to be laser focused and things are distracting, then you must opt for this ebook. When you know about the blogging secrets, your chances of getting success will become higher.

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PS. Check out this post about Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Website where I have also revealed how I made my first sale on Clickbank as a complete beginner.

Whereto go from here:-

If you’re still having any doubt, then use the comment section to let me know about that.

I’ll be glad to help you.

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  1. Good deal Faizan! So happy you believe and embody the law of abundance too; this is key for building a successful blogger career. Anything I got money-wise happened because I gave freely of my time and talents. 1 to 1 correlation there, even if getting happens after a lag time. The money and traffic arrives after you act abundantly and generously.


  2. Hi, You have shared such a wonderful article.I always prefer and appreciate this type of post which is really beneficial for the people.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Ryan,
    I totally agree with you just because I feel this very closely as every new bloggers feels.
    Consistency, pateince and hardwork will definately pays off.

    One more thing it’s really very great to see your comment here.
    Thanks Ryan

  4. I think learning is a process and i do prefer to learn from the experts. that’s why I try to ramain in connected with experts of my industry they always revealed me their blogging secrets. So if you re not getting something similar go and get the resource where you canfind such secrets.
    Thanks foryour appreciation.

  5. These are real secrets no one shares but sir you are very amazing and very superb because you share all hidden things here for free. So helpful for me and now i am really benefited with all these tips. Really very thanks for all these things. So so helpful.

  6. Thanks Dear Dipak,
    I would appreciate if you go and check out the book as well, Because you will learn something really invaluable about Blogging and affiliate marketing.

  7. Hi Faizan
    Your Post Is Very Nice , I am Agree With Your 7 Secrets About Blogging And Make Money..
    Thanks For Sharing Faizan….

  8. Hello to you!
    I know instinctively that you are being your ‘Authentic’ self. The key to business life and gaining massive exposure is indeed to the networking principle rather than ‘not working’ if you’ll forgive the cheesiness. I’m ready to share some pretty interesting fodder myself hun. Great that you are so excited to reveal these tips plus an advertising extra for you. That’s the nature of keeping the ‘flow’ moving positively and consistently. Cheers fella Hugs, Debs xx

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