4 Tips for Building Better Blogging Friendships

Blogging teamwork does make the dream work.

But way too many bloggers choose to blog solo, to their peril.

Connected bloggers succeed. Most everybody else fails. Why? 1000 is better than 1.

Imagine 1000 bloggers promoting you, endorsing you and spreading your word. Then, imagine you, a single blogger trying to do all that stuff. No brainer, eh? Network!


I have a guide to shade some light on this point about how relationships can help you spread your voice. Check out How to get your voice listened

Build better blogging friendships

Follow these 4 tips.

1: Give without Asking for Anything in Return

Peep those generous bloggers out there. Note how most of these folks are stupidly connected. Why? We love folks who simply give without asking, expecting or trying to get anything out of us.

People who help me without looking for anything in return move to the top of my friend list because these folks prove their interest in me, NOT in what I can do for them.

Meanwhile, my email inbox seems littered with folks who just want to get something out of me.

Link exchanges make me laugh, in particular. I have links on some of the most famous sites on earth. How can you entice me with a link on an unknown blog? HA 🙂

Retweet bloggers. Facebook Share their posts. Share their posts on LinkedIn. Mention bloggers on your blog. Comment genuinely on blogs. Guest post. Open your blog to guest posting.

Give, then cut strings. Build better blogging bonds through your generosity.

2: Chat about Life away from Blogging

Talk to blogging buddies about life away from blogging to form deeper blogging bonds.

No human is 1 dimensional. We all have lives away from blogging. Speaking about stuff not related to blogging makes you more human because folks get to connect with you more deeply.

Observe Old RB (Ryan Biddulph-Author of the post); I travel, love basketball, practice meditation, Kriya yoga, and yin yoga. I love animals too, having 3 pet cats. I love walks in the park, as well.

Folks who see me as a mindless, inhuman, cyborg-like blogging machine get to know me better because their offline interests may match my offline interests. Resonance!

3: Build Bonds Patiently and Persistently

Blogging friendships never happen overnight because trust builds organically.

Relax. Be patient and persistent. Help bloggers routinely. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing.

Engage folks about life away from blogging. Form bonds. Patient, persistent bloggers build huge, rabidly loyal blogger buddy networks organically.

Observe someone like Donna Merrill. She grew a massive tribe based on each individual blogging friendship she nurtured over many years.

Good things take time, and good people take time to connect with you deeply, and genuinely.

Focus on the person you want to befriend over trying to add these people to your network. Instantly, the love pouring through your being instills patience and persistence, in your mind.

4: Invest in a Resource

I wrote an eBook to help you with your blogger outreach campaign:

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

Buy it if you want an in-depth resource for making friends seamlessly.

Connected pros know how to network. But most newbie bloggers find themselves completely ignorant of networking nuances to move into higher circles.

We need a deft, generous touch as we connect with bloggers of big-time influence and clout. Enter a blogging resource created by someone who knows how to network with and befriend blogging big dawgs.


Blogging buddies make your life easier. But you need to think about how you make friends offline before befriending bloggers online.

No doubt, none of you befriended a dear friend offline by slamming a business card in their hand after introducing yourself. No normal, sane person behaves in such fashion.

If you never do it offline, you better not do it online, friend-wise. Stop spamming people. Cease trying to force opportunities down blogger’s throats. Be generous to open doors.

Allow friendships to grow organically, through your persistent and patient generosity and engagement. 

Eventually, your blogger buddy network will take you to new heights. 

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19 thoughts on “4 Tips for Building Better Blogging Friendships”

  1. I love creating new connections, even if it has nothing to do with blogging, I love just talking about daily life. This is such an eye-opening post, especially for a fairly new blogger like myself. Makes so much sense, such a great post and so very glad I came across it.

  2. I must say that I have learned so much by joining blogging groups who support fellow bloggers. Doing it solo is very lonely process. We need to champion one another. And yes, patience is a must. It is like growing a garden from seeds.

  3. We often want to do everything ourselves when the secret is to seek and accept help to grow. Thanks.

  4. I am totally new at blogging, and new in the community. I can be introverted at times, most especially when I am focused on making the ideas in my head come to life. Thanks for the enlightenment! I’ll balance things out from now on.

  5. I’m new in the blogging world and am looking to connect with others! Thank you for reminding me to help others along this journey

  6. I love interaction with other bloggers. Aside from it increases the traffic, I get to connect to their inner selves virtually which is a good thing. 🙂

  7. Of course, getting involved and helping each other is the best way to get connected and exposures. You teach something and you learn something everytime you involve

  8. I have made some great blogging friends since starting my blog. I love networking with and supporting them!

  9. One glaring truth among many, glare out from your informative post. We need the support and cooperation of others to succeed. Thanks for reminding us about that.

  10. Great tips. I liked your tips about networking with influential bloggers. I feel that by connecting to other bloggers, you will feel motivated to do better.

  11. I am still a newbie. I love to connect with like-minded people. Your tips are great. Hopefully, they will come in handy

  12. Everyone, thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. You guys are well beyond where I was, for a fair amount of my blogging career. Keep building those helpful bonds to make a seismic impact online. Thanks again Faizan.


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