11 Essential WordPress Plugins You can’t Imagine Your Blog Without

Yes, It is true that there are some essential WordPress plugins without those you can’t imagine your blog to sustain.

(Here I’ve listed those plugins that I’ve tested and also using for my blog Self Hosted Life).

Each Plugin listed here is known for its unique performance and these plugins are widely used by Top bloggers also.

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In simple words, if I ask to define plugins, I will say, WordPress Plugins are the fuel of WordPress Blogs and websites.

Here I’m going to list some of the most popular WordPress plugins and best of their category. But before this, I must tell you the purpose of installing those plugins

  • Security purpose / Backup
  • Traffic Stats and Analytics
  • Page loading Speed
  • SEO management
  • Social Media connectivity
  • Designing of blog’s Front end.

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Essential WordPress Plugins For Every Blog / Website

There are hundreds of thousands of plugins are available in the WordPress plugin directory.

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Whenever a blogger feels that he/she needs a plugin, they occasionally jump over to “Add New Plugin” and makes a search and installs a plugin which they find suitable to fulfil their need.

Isn’t it?

But It can be harmful to your hard-earned blog.

Most Free plugins are not getting updates regularly.

Most of the plugins are made by hackers also when you install those plugins hacker finds a way to get into your website. So be very careful about choosing the right plugins.

There are plenty of plugins available to perform the same task, but chose always authorized plugins or plugins which are recommended by Most of the bloggers.

I have already revealed the purposes of installing WordPress plugins.

These plugins which I have listed here are not only FREE but actually, they are essential to power every blog or website.

Let’s dive into the plugins ocean which is empowering my blog also.

1. Jetpack

This is the most essential WordPress plugins for each blog.

As through this, you can have in-depth stats of traffic of your blog.

Apart from this, you may verify your blog in various search engine, one-click social media connectivity and many more.Jetpack WordPress Plugins

The developers of this plugins are the same as WordPress.com’s.

The plugin is available free of cost to each WordPress owner. Some more features available in the premium plan.

But for a newbie, it is okay to settle with the free plan.

Jetpack: FREE | More Information

2. Yoast: SEO management

One sentence for this plugin would be like, A complete solution of SEO for each kind of blog or website.

Also, this plugin guides you to write SEO optimized post.

 Yoast WordPress Plugins

SEO by Yoast is fully optimised for search engine. For those who don’t know much more about SEO, Yoast has a solution for them also.

Just head on to configuration wizard and follow each step, at the last you will wonder that you yourself have optimised your blog for SEO.

My personal suggestion is if you have some WordPress Plugins to handle your blog’s SEO issues, then you must go for it.

Yoast: FREE | More Information

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3. Akismet Anti Spam

Spamming is not untouched for websites and blogs or even a single web page is.

Spamming becomes more crucial for newly risen blogs to fight with them. If you are running your blog you will encounter spamming now and then.

So to overcome from spamming here is the solution given by a team of wordpress.com in a face of a plugin named Akismet.

Akismet WordPress Plugins

I was also suffering from spamming thanks to Akismet team now. I wonder as I found more than 12k+ spamming comments are manually blocked by Akismet within a month.

So this data is enough to give you a picture of the spamming world.

So, You must Install this from the WordPress plugins directory.

Akismet: FREE | More Information

4. WordFence: (For Security purpose)

This plugin can give your site total protection from threats and malware attacks. It’s 24 hours scanning and firewall security ensures the  best safety for your blog.

Wordfence WordPress Plugins

It will also notify you if you have activated an outdated and unsafe plugin.

One of the best features of wordfence is, you can start scanning your blog anytime instead of scheduled scanning.

WordFence: FREE | More Information

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5. WP Super Cache (Purpose: Loading Speed)

It sucks when a requested page takes more time to load, regardless if it is you or me.

The long time in page loading may enforce your visitors to move on somewhere. So you may lose potential subscribers also.

WP Super Ccache WordPress Plugins

So if you want your visitors to enjoy your content, your blog should perform well with respect to loading speed.

I’m taking an average if it is taking more than 5-7 seconds to open requested page people often tend to stay away from that blog.

For better loading speed of your content, your blog content should be cached frequently. To make it possible you will need WordPress plugins to enable caching.

There are plenty of cache plugins available but WP Super Cache, W3 total cache are the most popular and best of all. I personally use WP super cache just because with one click you can enable caching of your blog. 

WP Super Cache: FREE | More Information

6. UpDraft Plus: (For Backup purpose)

Why it is important to take backups of your blog ? do you think this topic want clarification…?

Up draftplus e WordPress Plugins

Well, If I ask you that if sudden your hosting server crash if sudden your blog got hacked if sudden your all data lost.

What will you do..?

will you repent for your extreme hard work and efforts you had given to your blog.

No, I will not..!

So the same is for you..!

Trust me you will need to have the backup of your blog on daily basis. 

For this, I will recommend Updraft Plus and Manage WP plugins. But I personally using updraft Plus for self hosted life.

You can take backup scheduled or manually directly into your Dropbox or google drive also.

That’s the incredible feature of UpDraft Plus plugin, to have backups under your control, instead of any third-party.

UpDraft Plus: FREE | More Information

7. Broken Link Checker

This WordPress plugin notifies you if there is any broken link existing in your blog.

If there is Broken link existing and not get fixed by time, it can harm the ranking of your blog.

Broken linnk checker WordPress Plugins

The main Feature of this plugin is You can fix the broken link from the back-end of the dashboard, I mean you don’t have to go to that particular post to rectify it.

Broken Link Checker: FREE | More Information

8. Image Compression

Image plays a significant role to rank your content on search engines.

The fact is images are more likely to grab visitors attention to get into the content. If those are not optimised, your blog page takes more time to load.

Shortpixel WordPress Plugins

There are many  WordPress plugins available, but I choose to recommend you is Short Pixel Image Optimizer. But in a free plan, you can optimize up to 100 images for your blog.

Short Pixel Image optimizer: FREE | More Information

9. Social Warfare

You are in Blogging field and you can understand how social media can benefit you. As everyone is using social media and people like to share with their friends, what they like.

Social warfare WordPress Plugins

So here is the plugin Social Warfare which makes your content easy to share on a various social platform.

From social media, you can have thousands of new readers for your content. So you must install this also.

Social Warfare : FREE | More Information

10.  Contact Form 7

One of the most popular plugin from the WordPress Plugins directory. Contactform7 WordPress Plugins

This plugin creates a form which you can embed in your contact page, See an example of my contact page. You have many options to embed in your contact form.

Contact Form 7 : FREE | More Information

11. Fancier Author Box

This WordPress plugin enhances your blog design by adding an author box.

Say, From reader’s point of view If I’m reading some post on your blog, then it is natural I may become curious to know who has written this post. hence adding such author box gives the reader a clear picture about who is there behind these posts.

fancier author box WordPress Plugins

Apart from this, it gives an attachment to the readers by seeing that there is a human body, not a bot. :p

You can embed an author box for your blog post.

Fancier Author Box : FREE | More Information


Recap: (WordPress Plugins)

  1. Jetpack: For all traffic and analytics solutions
  2. Yoast: Provides all SEO related solutions
  3. Akismet: Prevent Spamming
  4. Wordfence: provide Malware scanning and firewall security
  5. WP super cache: Improves loading speed
  6. Updraft Plus: Takes Regular Backups
  7. Broken link checker: Finds broken links.
  8. Short Pixel: Compress images for faster loading speed
  9. Social Warfare: Better social media connectivity
  10. Contact Form 7: Provide a user-friendly contact form
  11. Fancier Author Box: Create an author box.
  12. 5 more WordPress Plugins to speed up your blog.

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Wrapping It Up

So I think I have listed some best WordPress Plugins to run any website or blog.

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Still, you think I’m missing any plugin just let me know I will add those also.

I have listed what I’m personally using for my blog.

Do let me know in the comment section which other WordPress plugins you are using apart from the plugins mentioned above. What feature of those WordPress plugins convinced you to use them. I would be happy to hear from you.

“A tiny request If you enjoyed and found this post valuable and would like to thank me then please share this with your knowns. Thank You.!”

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